A Head fake

The best feeling in the world is seeing someone smile because of you. It is when someone feels excited because you gave them joy. Spreading cheer isn’t that difficult. I have had a different kind of upbringing. I have got parents who do the task of spreading cheer even more efficiently than me. Even cousins, I realized much later, have always been way more caring than I could comprehend.

There was a time I was fighting a bad ailment (quite devastatingly bad). I never knew, but I needed motivation to get out of it. What he did was quite interesting. He challenged me for a match of my favorite sport. He knew I would never accept defeat for the game I think I am best in. At that time, I could not play, but as I accepted the challenge, I got a whole new kind of driving force. Eventually, as I recovered in a few days, and hit my best shot, someone should have seen the girl beaming with joy. I jumped with ecstasy.

So, today I am going to talk about head fakes as a way of caring. The sports lovers definitely know about the strategy, but for others, a head fake is an act of moving the head in such a way as to deceive an opponent as to one’s intended direction or move. This is possible in life too. A mentor might give a hard time to his apprentice and at that point the disciple might feel a kind of resistance, but that harsh treatment is actually just a head fake. This is revealed as the student starts observing the results of that hard time spent practising.

Parents might use head fakes to teach their kids some valuable lessons. Even friends can do that for each other, trying to push their comrades ahead. And our favorite Mr God does that all the time. He keeps putting us in challenging situations all the time, just to teach us how far we are ready to go for our goals.

Just as Randy Pausch put it- “Brick walls are there for a reason. They aren’t there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.”

Stay smiling.. 🙂


Ignorance is bliss

I have been researching on a quality that is scarce in my genes. Self-confidence, or I should call it limitless self-confidence.
Every time I meet a person or observe them closely, I find that they are greatly confident in what they believe, what they want others to do for them in return of nothing at all, what they know, what they support. There is nothing wrong with it.

What is fascinating that they are totally unaware of the fact that they know nothing at all. What’s even more interesting is that they are so confident on their limited knowledge that they sometimes fail to notice that they could become a matter of laughter in front of others.

But I think that maybe it is better this way. The more I know, the more stupid I feel for not knowing so much that I don’t know.

The question that is bothering me after all this is that is it then better to be ignorant than the unending attempt in quenching of the thirst from the vast ocean of knowledge. Is it better to remain stupid and lead an easy life?

Complicated thoughts, interesting life. C’est la vie!

The change that was never meant to be…

Well, this one is about a little tornado that entered our life without a notice and then shook it’s base and finally left without a pause. The time period as I call it, was not so short, 6 months is a long time. But the truth is, while it was going on I had no idea if time was moving.

Our little tornado, my angel did not pay heed to any of my fears of attachments to people and formed a beautiful relationship of, well if I phrase correctly, a mother and a daughter. I don’t know if she remembers me for the love I showered her with, as she grows up. But I am content that as long as she was with me she smiled, laughed, and played to the full content of her heart. Yes, she called me “mamma” once. I was so overwhelmed with emotions that I could not utter a word.

The reason this all became a turning point in my life is because I have never had any experiences with kids. And she, all of a sudden, arouse every motherly emotion a girl is supposed to have at a point in her life.

Her laughter, her playful ways, her insistence on every little thing which could be fun, and her incessant chatter, I miss everything. She was never scared to do anything. That carefree girl who knew what to say and what not.

She was too possessive about every person in her life. Sometimes her ways reminded me of mine, as if she’s just me magnified.

I might have doubted earlier, but now I know exactly what god is trying to tell me. Being a technical, I had buried my emotional side somewhere deep, and having her around, all I could think of was about her good and development, as if she was only mine to take care of. Life didn’t demand change, it showed me the change.

I don’t know if there ever comes such turning point. But I’m sure I’m never going to be the same. Life was beautiful already, but now it’s perfect. What more could one ask for?

Just wish her every delight and success in her life. God bless…

The Nerd

I don’t know if others call me one. I don’t mind anyway. But this story isn’t about me.  

This one is about a nerd who I met recently. Why does a nerd have a face of a nerd? Or it’s just the trait that comes naturally. Our Mr Nerd was a bit strange, as usual. One day he spoke and on the next, he would be too busy to even look up. 

The trouble is, people thought he was useless. But me, always surrounded by peculiar breeds of nerds, believed in his talent. I had hunch he would do great. 

I put my faith in his determination. He worked day and night. He’s doing great already. I’m sure he would make it to the top soon or is he on the top already?


When The Wrong Becomes The New Right !

I just don’t get this. Since childhood we were taught to be law abiding, “good”. And today when I think I’m a grown up I feel it was all a hoax. That definition of being good was flawed. Who gave this so called definition of right? How can something be right if it doesn’t give you happiness? 

The stories we are told, are all of heroes who went out of the mainstream atleast once in their lives. The words eccentric, outlaw, nuisance are all part of these great stories. 

The thing I fail to understand is that where did it all go wrong. Or is it just our perceptions which make us view something as right or wrong. Maybe someone’s wrong is my right and my wrong is someone’s right. 

This introspection surely made me realise something. And few years back I took a new year’s resolution for the same. It was- 

Whenever before doing something that’s my “right”, a question arises- “what will others say?”. That will be the moment I would make sure I do it at any cost. Let the chips fall where they may. 

Well, maybe I have started to understand this notion of right or wrong. I never say leave your values, but the useless norms are a strict ‘no’. 

Take it easy dear… 🙂

The Amazing Similarity 

On a journey to another country I never expected to meet a person like-minded as me.I was just having a chitchat with the person I met, feeling a little alien with her. Her amicable nature made me comfortable with each passing moment. 

What surprised me was, in no time we were in deep discussion about our culture and the West. She knew so well about the true values behind our culture or rather humanity. Her charity, love for humanity, confidence… It all made me marvel at her character. Deep discussions reveal a lot about our values. I realised even living in different countries both of us have the same ideals. Living in different lifestyles, different mindsets, we share common goals, common principles. 

I’m sure she would have thought the same as I’m thinking. 

This episode makes me wonder, does it make any difference where we live to have high principles. Does it matter if it is west or east? It’s quite amazing that this has proved right what I’ve always believed. It all depends on the upbringing, the way you are raised. 

I don’t say the place you live doesn’t affect your thinking. But what matters is how you teach a child to look at the things, the attitude.
Life is beautiful.. Enjoy…

It’s never easy

I wish I could just go home.

Well, it has been just six days since I’ve been away from home. Among different sort of people, at a new place, with new hopes. No doubt the reason I have come here for is quite important for my life and future. But I need my own individuality. Socialization is exhausting. I can’t explain it to people because this is something only a person who has felt himself would be able to understand.

I am an introvert.

I can talk endlessly, but I need quiet time too. I can stay with a person, but I need to be alone for some time. It’s really hard when you feel you are under constant vigil. What a person needs is some faith and peace.

I know myself and so I’m quite sure how this socialization of mine works. I have a few markers which indicate that now I’ve had enough and can’t take it anymore.

  • This usually lasts 6-12 months to be called enough.
  • Appetite tells a lot when it comes to how I’m feeling about my social life. Any abnormal shifts in appetite is a clear sign that something’s not right.
  • Over-introversion happens for the same cause too.

I don’t say one can’t handle this kind of situation. One can sure do. But this is never easy. One can fight with something outside. But to fight with the inner self, to change, to accept the changes, to compromise is harder. I don’t seem to be getting a solution for this. The only thing I have for now is- Faith. I may not have a solution for the current situations, but I have faith in myself and the supreme power that it’ll be all right soon. Life can be hard on me but it won’t ever let me be faced with something beyond my capability.

This is what will keep me going. I believe…